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Customer Management Services:

With rich experience of the regional branch manager and excellent sales staff technician to fully meet customer needs and maintain good relations of cooperation to loyal and reliable service attitude, allowing customers a more in-depth understanding of product characteristics and market trends to help customers business more , And to provide professional customer management services, in order to establish a closer relationship with customers.

Market Information Services:

Rui Jin Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with professional pre-sale and after-sales service, with professional skills of all types of personnel for our respected customers outside the industry to provide the latest market information, industry trends and trends, so that each customer Easier to grasp and understand the industry market, and then reduce the investment risk.

Logistics Services:

Rui Jin Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a sound logistics resources, in addition to their own transport strength, but also with many logistics companies to establish a long-term and stable relations of cooperation. To achieve the country and the rest of the world's logistics services to provide fast, convenient, safe and reliable services.

== Strategic relationship ==

Rui Jin Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has many years of operating experience in Chinese and foreign marketing, and all over the country and abroad, customers and partners to establish a close and good relations of cooperation, work together to promote and open up the market in the 21st century, the company continued with the majority of the Customers and partners to maintain business and strategic partnership, expand business space. Looking ahead, the company will continue to strategic partnership with the partners and business customers work together to explore business opportunities.

Professional technical support and consultancy services

Rui Jin Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provide a full range of technical support and consultancy services include:
    ● Supporting product development
    ● Targeted product development
    ● to ensure that the process of the plane improved
    ● production technology, maintenance technology training
    ● Provide customer technical support
    ● Introduce cooperative processors for customers

To ensure that customers receive high-quality products, the company technical support team in good faith to provide technical support and consultancy services to customers in time to understand and solve problems encountered in the production process, to facilitate customers in a timely manner to prevent unnecessary losses.

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